Buyers of record NFT aim to inspire

„What matters is not who you are…“ – Buyers of record NFT aim to inspire

The two buyers of the $69m Beeple NFT use their success stories to show the crypto industry’s level playing field.

The unknown buyer of the record-breaking auction for the crypto artwork (NFT) “ Everydays: The First 5000 Days“ by artist Beeple has now revealed his identity.

NFT investment fund Metapurse, which acquired the corresponding non-fungible token for a staggering $69.3 million at the world-famous Bitcoin Pro app auction house Christie’s in early March, wrote a blog post yesterday (Thursday) revealing the names of the lead investors behind the purchase.

As the blog entry reveals, a man named Vignesh Sundaresan is behind MetaKovan. It was under this pseudonym that Metapurse was founded as well as the US$69 million Beeple-NFT was bought. Even before founding Metapurse, Sundaresan was active in the crypto industry. Among other things, he was involved in the founding of the crypto exchange Coins-e and in the founding of the crypto project BitAccess, which enabled him to build up considerable assets.

The two men emphasise

He now runs the Metapurse investment fund together with Anand Venkateswaran, who in turn is known under the pseudonym Twobadour. The two men emphasise that they come from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and grew up in poor circumstances. With their own success story, they want to point out the disruptive power and equal opportunities of the crypto industry, which is especially meant to inspire the poor strata of the world’s population.

„We could have remained anonymous, but already decided in the joint press release with Christie’s to give a few hints about our identities […]. With this, we want to show the Indian population and people of colour that they can do it too. The crypto industry provides an equal balance of power between the West and the rest of the world. The southern hemisphere is on the rise,“ as Sundaresan and Venkateswaran explain. Accordingly, their pseudonyms should not be understood as „masks“ behind which they hide, but rather as „exoskeletons“ that have enabled them to participate.

In order to back up their words with deeds, the two heads behind Metapurse announce the founding of the Metapurse Fellowship, a funding programme for NFT artists, as part of their disclosure. Here, five artists are to be awarded 100,000 US dollars each. The award criteria are primarily based on the crypto-art of the applicants and not on parameters such as origin, gender or age, because in the crypto industry, only what a person has to contribute would count, not who they are.